I do not have a typical portrait studio. I prefer to use natural light outdoors or in the home (yours or mine). I do offer traditional studio lighted portraits for those wanting a traditional feel. What I offer are simple, contemporary, photojournalistic style portraits. I don't use alot of elaborate props or backdrops. This way the subject is the focus. I love to capture the personality of my subjects and the relationship between subjects. I believe the sweet spirit of a child can more easily shine through in a relaxed home environment or while they are playing outdoors. Nothing is expected of the child, other than to play and be themselves. My portraits are not just about smiling. They are also about the quiet moments, the sad moments, the sleepy moments, the silly moments, the pouty moments, the shy moments....a child's true nature. I strive to create art that you will be proud to display in your home.

© Adrienne M Carey